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iBoard and StarBoard Attend Bett 2018

Source:iboardRelease time:2018-05-30

       Bett 2018 Exhibition (Global Education Technology Show) was hosted in ExCel Center of London from 24th to 27th January ,2018. British London Glabal Technology show (BETT) is a a grand gathering in the global education field. It was founded in 1985, which is hosted by the world famous ASCENTIAL group every year. BETT show is the largest and most influential exhibition for education, learning technology, information and communication on the world , which attract educators and educational providers from all over the world every year. iBoard Technology as an international intelligent education solution provider and operator, went attend Bett 2018 with its two brands (iBoard and StarBoard) and many new products at this exhibition, sharing the historical development and achievements of educational informatization.
       BETT exhibition scale: more than 35 thousand spectators in the education industry went attend the show . They are from the government, governor, IT team, leaders, lecturers, parents, distributors, retailers, agents, students, system integration, teachers and so on. There are about 800 exhibitors and they bring the most advanced modern education and networking products, including audio-visual equipment, teaching equipment, education system of online courses ,distance education equipment, interactive whiteboard, informatizational software, data resources, products extra support services, computer ,notebook ,IT equipment and etc. sSoftware solution , hardware products and combination solution are available here.
       In recent years, with the rapid development of educational technology, digital network has become the development direction in the field of education, education informationization is in a stage of comprehensive promotion .iBoard conformed to the trend of the development, The new products appeared in the exhibition attracted a lot of attention. Such as 10 points capacitive borderless electronic touch whiteboard, 40 point capacitive touch screen, multi standard of ultra short focal laser projector; the most narrow and thinnest LCD touch screen. Verious of hardware, whiteboard interactive software, screen interactive software, iMagic centralized control software combine together to become different solution for the intelligent education and teaching environment, attracting a lot of audiences came to experience.
       In addition, StarBoard displayed several dimensions of the touch screen , ultra short focus laser projector, eChart , interactive whiteboard and so on. These products were not only have excellent display performance, but also support ten points or above of sensitive touch, both of the products were equipped with USB 3.0/ VGA/ HDMI and other interfaces. The eChart is compatible with IOS, Android and Windows system. which enables to record and synchronize the original handwriting in the multi operating system mobile device during business meetings and brainstorming . It can also be applied on teaching to achieve synchronous interactive teaching of teachers' original handwriting. The exhibitors said that many customers have a good respond after they experience iBoard product , which are more close to the actual needs than the similar educational products , and thesoft interface was friendly with simple operation . "IBoard is a good application, want to try it.," one of the customer said, which attracted overseas media took pictures when customer experienced iBoard product and put it on their news !
       With the development of education informatization, users' requirement are constantly changing, it will be much strict on the requirements for educational equipment enterprises . Not only for designing products, but also require us understanding education. No matter how the times change, iBoard will always insist to develop and design products base user as the center, and will also continuous innovation and upgrading, and unswervingly design a needed , good performance ,easy-use educational products with the constantly changing needs of the user and the development of the industry !

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